Forshay Road Reconstruction

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HVEA is performing preliminary and final design of this Federal-Aid Local Project.

There are several accident clusters; the most severe problem occurs at the north end of the project, where Forshay Road and Willow Tree Road meet at a four leg intersection. To solve this problem, the intersection will be transformed into a modern roundabout, reducing the points of vehicle conflict and enhancing safety. At the same time, the roundabout will serve to calm traffic and provide a gateway to the neighboring Village of Wesley Hills.

The project includes:

  • Two miles of roadway reconstruction
  • Horizontal and vertical realignment
  • Sidewalks with paver buffer
  • Eleven intersections
  • Two new traffic signals
  • ROW takings from 15 parcels
  • Utility relocations

Completion: 2011

Construction Cost: $ 4.5M

Client: Rockland County Highway Dept.