Ashokan Station Trailhead

Olive, NY

HVEA completed a set of engineering/construction drawings for the Ashokan Station Trailhead in Olive, NY. It is one of three major parking and access points for the 11.5 mile Ashokan Rail Trail in Ulster County, NY, which runs along the northern edge of the Ashokan Reservoir between West Hurley and Boiceville.

HVEA provided the design services for the construction of a 52 space parking lot with 4 ADA and 4 DEP Access Permit holder spaces, a one-way parking area entrance/exit and a concrete pad with natural screening for 2 port-a-jons.

The parking lot is located on lands owned by NYC and located adjacent to the coveted Ashokan Reservoir. Therefore, stormwater management was of the utmost importance. The NYCDEP considered this parking lot a “show-piece” for stormwater management and encouraged a creative and intricate design. Due to the size of the parking area, there was minimal space to incorporate a stormwater system. HVEA designed an innovative stormwater management system that utilized multiple standard practice in series to maximize stormwater quality and quantity controls, while still meeting the regulatory conditions of all involved agencies.

Environmental permitting was also a challenge for this project as there were multiple agency requirements and procedures for stormwater/permitting. HVEA acquired additional permits to ensure all agency requirements were met including a SPDES permit with a complete SWPPP, a NYSDEC Article 15 Stream Disturbance Permit and a NYSDOT Highway Work Permit.

Awards: 2021 ACEC NY Platinum Award in Waste and Storm Water