Federal Aid Local Projects

Federal Aid Local Projects

Municipal projects are at the forefront of our business and HVEA focuses 100% of our attention on our municipal clients and their projects – ranging from municipally sponsored federal aid road and bridge projects, to reverse betterment.

Civil Engineering

From rural roadways to complex urban interchanges, transportation needs in the tri-state area are ever changing. Increasing traffic volumes and their impact upon our interstate highway system requires innovative design techniques.

Structural Engineering

Whether it is a single span bridge crossing a creek or a multi-span structure spanning a complex interchange, HVEA has the expertise and knowledge to assess each structure for the most suitable replacement or rehabilitation design option for our clients.

Construction Inspection

Construction Inspection

A primary service provided by HVEA, we provide comprehensive construction inspection services for a variety of projects including: bridge rehabilitation and replacement, roadway reconstruction, sidewalks and streetscape, retaining walls, and parking garages.

Material Testing

Materials Testing

The integrity of the materials used in construction projects and the durability of these materials to perform for the length of time expected is of paramount importance to our clients and the safety of the public.


Environmental Engineering

HVEA offers a full complement of environmental services and has developed a unique expertise in producing SWPPP's, erosion control measures, implementation of best practices and wetland impact mitigation.