County Road 26 over Metro-North Railroad

Dutchess County, NY

HVEA designed and provided construction inspection services for this project that replaced an historic pony truss bridge spanning Metro-North Railroad’s Harlem Line and rehabilitated the existing bridge for a future re-use.

The original 1913 pony truss bridge was eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. Replacing the bridge was determined to be an adverse effect by the SHPO during the Section 4(f) review. To mitigate this finding, we negotiated a MOA to find an adaptive re-use of the existing truss span. As part of the project, the truss was disassembled, restored off-site, and is awaiting reinstallation on the Northside Line Urban Trail project in Poughkeepsie, NY.

The project was funded with federal and state funds. It was progressed under the oversight review of the NYSDOT Region 8 Local Projects Group. NYSDOT MURK processes were followed to ensure compliance with FHWA guidelines.

Project highlights included:

  • Historic pony truss; adaptive re-use
  • Section 4(f) mitigation of adverse effect on eligible historic resource
  • Horizontal and vertical realignment
  • NEPA (FHWA) and SEQR Review
  • Metro-North Railroad Coordination
  • ROW takings from 3 parcels
  • Overhead and underground utility relocations
  • Public Outreach
  • Construction inspection