East Willow Tree Road Sidewalk Improvements

Wesley Hills, NY

HVEA provided design and construction inspection services for this project to construct ADA/PROWAG compliant sidewalks on East Willow Tree Road in Wesley Hills.  Work included drainage enhancements, curbing, sidewalk, retaining walls, landscaping and signing and striping. East Willow Tree Road has significant grade changes and required careful planning to ensure that ADA/PROWAG compliant facilities could be constructed. In addition, HVEA engaged with the residents throughout the project to address concerns and individual needs.

This project included:

  • New ADA/PROWAG compliant sidewalk and curbs
  • Signing & pavement markings
  • NYSDOT highway work permit
  • Mid-block crossings
  • Landscaping

This project was funded with federal funds through the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP). It was progressed under the oversight review of the NYSDOT Local Projects Group.