Forshay Road Reconstruction

Rockland County, NY

HVEA designed and managed the construction inspection services for this project that added sidewalks, reconstructed the roadway, and replaced a safety deficient intersection with a modern roundabout. This project was funded with federal and state funds. It was progressed under the oversight review of the NYSDOT Local Projects Group.

Forshay Road is a heavily traveled residential corridor link between Rockland Community College and the Village of Wesley Hills. The College and numerous synagogues and churches in the area generate an abundance of pedestrian traffic. Sidewalks and pedestrian enhancements were a key component of this project.

There were several accident clusters; the most severe problems occurred at the north end of the project, where Forshay Road and Willow Tree Road meet at a four leg intersection. To solve this problem, the intersection was transformed into a modern roundabout, reducing the points of vehicular conflict and enhancing safety. At the same time, the roundabout served to calm traffic and provide a gateway to the neighboring Village of Wesley Hills.

This project included:

  • Two miles of roadway reconstruction
  • Horizontal and vertical realignment
  • Sidewalks with brick paver buffer
  • Eleven intersections
  • Two new traffic signals
  • ROW takings from 15 parcels
  • Utility relocations