I-84 Bridge Replacements over Dingle Ridge Road

Southeast, NY

This project used Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques to erect two bridges in two weekends. The innovative design involved building each new bridge adjacent to the existing bridge on a rail system. On the weekend of each closure, the existing bridge was demolished and the new bridge slid into place. During the closure, the approaches were raise approximately 2′ to meet the new bridge elevation and then the bridge was re-opened, all in less than 24 hours.

HVEA was responsible for Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) testing of the drilled shafts (a non-destructive test method). The drilled shafts were 8′ in diameter with 8 access tubes per shaft. After concrete placement in each shaft, HVEA completed CSL testing and collected field data from each of the eight shafts. Following collection of field data, one of our Professional Engineers evaluated the data to determine the integrity of the concrete shafts; signed and sealed the final reports.