Lower Hudson Transit Link

Rockland & Westchester Counties, NY

The Lower Hudson Transit Link (LHTL) is an Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) project extending from the Town of Suffern in Rockland County to the City of White Plains in Westchester County. This project traverses State Route 59 in Rockland County, the “New” New York Bridge and State Route 119 in Westchester County.

The LHTL shall deploy state-of-the-art Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to improve travel times within the corridor including the existing transit (bus) service. To date, this project constitutes the largest ITS undertaking in the State of New York consisting of:

  • 123 Traffic Signals
  • 13 Ramp Meter Installations:
  • 211 Permanent Variable Message Signs
  • 116 CCTV Installations
  • 240 Vehicle and Incident Detection Units for Volume, Speed, and Occupancy Data Collection

As a subconsultant to ARUP, HVEA utilized Synchro to provide traffic engineering and design support for this complex project. HVEA completed the inventory of 120 signalized intersections to determine if the existing infrastructure was available for pre-emption programming and designed equipment upgrades to support the new Rapid Bus Transit System.