Multiple Region 8 Term Agreements for Construction Inspection

Region 8, NY

HVEA has completed multiple construction inspection term agreements as a prime consultant for the NYSDOT Region 8. These agreements have included a variety of assignments including bridge rehabilitations and replacements, steel and deck repairs, highway reconstructions, retaining walls, sidewalk construction, paving, park & ride lots, traffic signal replacements and upgrades, guiderail replacements, intersection improvements and wetland mitigation.

Under these assignments, HVEA ensures that the Contractor’s work conforms to the provisions of the contract documents. Services include detailed inspection, on-site field testing of materials & other construction activities as necessary, including field measurement & collection of data necessary to submit monthly & final estimates and progress reports, and preparation of record plans showing all changes from the contract plans. All records are kept in accordance with the Manual of Uniform Record Keeping (MURK).

HVEA has led the following Region 8 Construction Inspection Term agreements:

  • Project D031374; 2016-2019; Construction cost: $50 million
  • Project D031248; 2014-2017; Construction cost: $50 million
  • Project D031062; 2013-2016; Construction cost: $30 million
  • Project D030975; 2012-2015; Construction cost: $30 million
  • Project D030906; 2011-2014; Construction cost: $30 million
  • Project D030653; 2010-2013; Construction cost: $30 million
  • Project D030521; 2009-2012; Construction cost: $30 million