North Middletown Road Pedestrian Link

Orangetown, NY

HVEA is designing this project that will improve pedestrian safety along North Middletown Road in the Town of Orangetown. There have been a number of recent pedestrian injuries and fatalities in this corridor due to the lack of pedestrian infrastructure and safety measures. This is a high profile project for the region with the objective to enhance the safety of the corridor without worsening the level of service for vehicular traffic. The project requires significant public involvement, reconfiguration of the roadway, sidewalk construction, mid-block crossings, signal improvements, and will complete a vital link to the Pearl River Business District.

This project includes:

  • New sidewalk and curbing
  • Increased Pedestrian safety
  • Property acquisitions
  • Signing and pavement markings
  • Public involvement
  • Landscaping improvements

This project is funded with federal funds through the Transportation Enhancement Program and is being progressed under the oversight review of the NYSDOT Local Projects Group.