Replacement of Bridges U-27 & U-28 over the Fishkill Creek

Unionvale, NY

HVEA provided construction inspection services for the complete removal and replacement of two existing jack-arch bridges on gravity abutments with precast rigid frames, founded on piles. This project also involved full-depth pavement reconstruction, shoulder widening, and new guide and bridge rail installation.

Construction progressed by utilizing a full road closure and detour. Right-of-way within the closure was for staging. Speed reduction measures were also added on the detour route as per the request of the residents.

Since these structures are located over the Fishkill Creek, environmental permitting was required and included the following:

  • NYSDEC Freshwater Wetland Permit
  • NYSDEC Stream Disturbance Permit
  • NYSDEC Excavation & Fill in Navigable Waters Permit
  • NYSDEC Water Quality Certification

In accordance with these permits, temporary steel sheeting was installed to encapsulate work and prevent disturbance of the creek. Such work included removal of the existing substructures, pile driving, construction of a new cast-in-place foundation and wingwalls, and backfilling operations (following the setting of the precast rigid structure).