Replacement of the Hillside Avenue Bridge over the Mamaroneck River

Village of Mamaroneck, NY

A Bridge NY funded project, HVEA provided preliminary and final design, ROW incidental and acquisition, and construction support and inspection services for the Replacement of the Hillside Avenue Bridge over the Mamaroneck River. This project involves the oversight of the Village of Mamaroneck and the Towns of Mamaroneck and Rye via intermunicipal agreement. HVEA assisted the Village with completing a full SEQR EAF. Because the bridge was eligible for National Register of Historic Places, HVEA prepared a Section 106 Finding Document and Memorandum of Agreement for DOT, SHPO and FHWA approval that was signed by all parties. The memo memorialized mitigation measures related to preserving the historic nature of the structure in the proposed design.  This project also involved the realignment and reconstruction of the west approach to the bridge, including new curbing, 5′ wide sidewalks and a curb ramp. All sidewalks and curb ramps were designed to meet ADA and PROWAG standards. Services included: topographic and boundary survey, bridge and roadway design, subsurface investigation and design, hydraulic analysis, scour protection, utility coordination, multi-municipal coordination, US Army Corps of Engineers coordination, SHPO coordination, NEPA/SEQR determinations, ACOE permitting, ROW incidentals and acquisition, EDPL public hearing, public participation and construction support and inspection services.