Route 9 Sidewalks: Kinderhook-Valatie Link

Kinderhook, NY & Columbia County, NY

HVEA designed and managed the construction of this locally administered federal aid project that constructed sidewalks along New York State Route 9 in the Villages of Kinderhook and Valatie. The project required a NYS Highway work permit and completed a vital link connecting the two Villages.

HVEA was responsible for NYSDEC SWPPP preparation and approval, NYSDEC Article 24 Freshwater Wetland Permit, NYSDEC Section 401 Water Quality Certification, SPDES General Permit GPO-0-10-001, NYSDEC Article 15 Stream Disturbance Permit, NYSDOT Highway Work Permit, Programmatic Section 4(f) Parkland Evaluation and all USFWS Section 7 and NYSDEC National Heritage Program Endangered Species and Section 106 (SHPO) Coordination. This project was part of the Comprehensive Plan for the Village and Town of Kinderhook and was the first in a series of proposed projects to create a trail system for pedestrians and bicyclists throughout the Town.

The project was funded with federal funds through the Surface Transportation Program and was progressed under the oversight review of the NYSDOT Local Projects Group.

This project included:

  • 3,500 feet of new sidewalk and curbing
  • Property acquisitions
  • Roadway drainage
  • NYSDOT Highway Work Permit
  • Bicycle enhancements
  • Signing & pavement markings
  • Retaining walls
  • Landscape improvements