South Putt Corners Road Rehabilitation

New Paltz, NY

HVEA provided design and construction inspection services for the rehabilitation of 1.7 miles of South Putt Corners Road (CR 17) from NYS Route 32 to NYS Route 299 in the Town of New Paltz. A vital link in the transportation network, South Putt Road connects State Highways and is the destination for several regional facilities including the New Paltz High School and the NYSDEC Regional offices.

New Paltz has an active bicycle community that was involved with this project from the beginning to improve safety for bicyclists. HVEA balanced the requests of the bicycle committee with the stringent guidelines involved with federal funding and developed a design to satisfy all parties.

HVEA had 3R design standards approved for this project to aid in mitigating the impact of the construction. Design tasks included overlaying the pavement, widening the shoulders from 0 to 6 feet, minor horizontal realignment, construction of auxiliary turning lanes to improve operations, a new crosswalk at the High School, new entrance at the Sunoco, installation of enhanced solar speeds signs, replacement of deficient railing and significant post construction stormwater management.

The project was funded with federal funds and was progressed under the oversight review of the NYSDOT Local Projects Group. This project included:

  • 1.7 miles of roadway rehabilitation
  • Substantial shoulder widening
  • Roadway drainage
  • ROW acquisition
  • Signing & pavement markings
  • Utility relocation
  • Coordination with various stakeholders
  • Endangered species and cultural resource study