Statue of Liberty National Monument: Material Testing

Liberty Island, NY

An accelerated project schedule which included the removal of over 200 existing timber piles from the previous service dock that was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The new service dock pier includes the installation of 193 fiberglass piles with concrete fill, greenheart timber framing, and treated timber decking.

This project entailed a high level of coordination with State and Federal Authorities due to the security measures in place on Ellis and Liberty Islands.

HVEA was responsible for concrete field and laboratory testing of the HP concrete placed in the piles. Field testing included slump, unit weight, air content, and temperature of fresh concrete and casting cylinders for lab testing. Lab tests included compressive strength testing of cylinders at an age of 28 days.

HVEA also performed rapid ion chloride penetration (coulomb) testing of cylinders at 28 days.