Stormwater Retrofit Design – Strange Boulevard & Tarry-A-Bit Drive

Yorktown & Lewisboro, NY

The major focus of these stormwater retrofit projects is the reduction of phosphorus from stormwater runoff prior to entering the reservoir system. As the prime consultant, HVEA provided design services and will be performing construction administration services for the following:

Y-MU-1001, Strang Boulevard, Yorktown, NY

This project proposes to capture and treat the stormwater runoff at this executive park from the parking lots and buildings, prior to discharge into the nearby stream. The drainage area is 12+ acres is covered mainly with impervious surfaces. This will be accomplished through the implementation of several ACF Environmental FocalPoint systems and a new line of curbing along Strang Boulevard to redirect stormwater flow. Not only will this green infrastructure project provide direct treatment of the water quality volume, but it will provide an additional vegetated buffer for the nearby stream. The FocalPoint units are highly efficient biofilters that utilize the area better than traditional bioretention practices. These systems achieve on average a 59% removal efficiency utilizing a specifically engineered media that promotes fast infiltration and maximizes stormwater filtration. This project can provide substantial treatment of the water quality volume and have minimized installation costs. Creating several FocalPoint locations which only treat the WQv will allow each unit to not get overwhelmed during extreme storms and can lead to a greater area receiving treatment without having to redesign the entire site.

L-CR-804 Tarry-a-Bit Drive, Lewisboro, NY

Located in the Long Pond Preserve which is owned by the Three Lakes Council within the Town of Lewsiboro, NY. This project consists of a large drainage area (approximately 71.16 acres) that receives a large amount of stormwater flow mostly by sheet flow. The drainage area cascades downward from the Waccabuc Country Club golf course, across residential properties, over Tarry-a-Bit Drive and into Lake Waccabuc. HVEA is designing a multi-faceted approach to manage the stormwater in this project area. The existing classified stream located in the northwest portion of the drainage area will be stabilized along with two other emerging channels along Tarry-a-bit Drive. Several dry swales will be installed to capture the sheet flow coming across Tarry-a-bit Drive and enter a small ponding area. The water quality volume will be transported from these ponds into their respective wetland systems and will outflow in the Lake Waccabuc post treatment.