Civil Engineering

From rural roadways to complex urban interchanges, transportation needs in the tri-state area are ever changing. Increasing traffic volumes and their impact upon our interstate highway system requires innovative design techniques.  HVEA has the expertise to assist our clients by finding cost effective methods to improve safety, ease congestion, and extend street and highway life. We keep up with ground breaking technologies and the current requirements of this growing landscape by utilizing the latest tools to meet these demands such as 1 and 2 lane roundabout designs, ORT implementation, drones fitted with cameras, traffic analysis software such as Synchro and VISSIM, LOS, shared use paths, and traffic calming to name a few.

In addition, HVEA has the expertise to analyze current highway conditions through the use of modeling traffic software and prepare thoughtful designs that take into account pedestrian and vehicular safety and needs, while still maintaining respect for the surrounding community.