Federal Aid Local Projects

Municipal projects are at the forefront of our business and HVEA focuses 100% of our attention on our municipal clients and their projects. Since the firm’s inception in 2002, HVEA has been continually selected to the NYS County Highway Superintendents Locally Administered Federal Aid list in Region 8. We have progressed over 90+ locally administered federal aid projects during this span; many times by repeat clients.

Our projects range from municipally sponsored federal aid road and bridge projects, to reverse betterments, all following the federal aid process. HVEA has established strong relationships with the key players at the DOT and has a thorough understanding of the locally administered federal aid process. In addition, HVEA has worked with all the agencies typically involved in critical path tasks such as NEPA, SEQR, SHPO, railroad coordination, public outreach, future maintenance requirements, ROW and endangered species.

Locally administered federal aid projects are vital to our community. HVEA is a local firm that understands the federal aid process and works to progress these projects in a timely, cost effective manner.